Review Questions at End of Middle School Presentation

(Make sure you ask these questions during the presentation)

1)      When a smoker exhales, a non-smoker inhales how much of the cigarette?  85%

2)      When did our state go smoke-free?  7/5/10 – we became the 27th smokefree state

3)      How much would you have to smoke to have as much tar that is in the tar jar?  A half of a pack a day for a year

4)      Which state has the most teen drinkers?    Wisconsin

5)      Can smoking marijuana hurt your health?    Yes smoking marijuana can cause lung and mouth cancer, damage your heart, cause sinus and throat cancer

6)         Name two ways you would encourage someone to qui

7          What is third hand smoke?

8)         Name a way you can make a difference after this presentation

Tobacco Education Video


We are now going to show you a short video.  Many people believe that smoking only causes lung cancer and heart disease.  The truth is smoking can cause a lot of problems in your life.

Watch the video and see for yourself.


Video Recap Questions:

Ask This Question:

Is there something you learned from the video that you didn’t know before?


If they don’t respond from your question – then ask these questions:

Did you know that the babies lung stop breathing when a mother smokes?

Did you know that smoking causes you to wrinkle and age faster?

Did you know that you could lose use of your arm or other parts of your body because of smoking?

What do you plan to do with this information?





Quitting Discussion

What to say when making a presentation

Has anyone in here every thrown someone’s cigarettes away to get them to quit smoking?

Did it work – what happened?

We are going to be sending information home with you today on how to help someone quit that you care about.  (show them the yellow sheet from the bags)


Here are some ideas on ways to help someone you care about quit

–        ASK the smoker to quit.  Tell them you know that smoking is very addictive.  In fact just even one to two cigarettes can addict you.

–    Put a picture of yourself or someone they care about, it could even be their pet in the inside of their cigarette pack.  You can also put the quit line card on the other side.    (put a picture and/or the quitline card in a pack of cigarettes to illustrate)

_        Write a letter to them and stick it under their pillow or

wherever you think they may find it

_        Share the stuff we are teaching you today and share it

with family members that smoke.  Also we will be giving you lots of more information in a bag at the end of our


–    Most of all don’t give up!  It takes a person about 9-11  times to be successful, and 90% of parents/grandparents quit because of you!  YOU HAVE THE POWER!


            To Bring This Back To You

You Never Have To Quit – If You Never Start!


2nd Hand Smoke

What to say when making a presentation…

We are going to talk about second hand smoke and how it affects all of us.

Show the poster and explain that Secondhand smoke affects everyone.  Read the caption & the back.

You might have heard that our state is considering a statewide smoke-free policy.  Over half of the United Statesand entire countries including Ireland, France, Cubaand many others have already done this.    Did you know that all of the states surrounding Wisconsinhave passed or are in the process of passing comprehensive smoke free laws, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinoishave passed legislation and Michiganwill be soon.  This truly does make Wisconsinthe ashtray of theMidwest.


Ask the following questions and have kids stand/raise their hands.


There is no air cleaner or purifier exists that can remove all of the toxins from tobacco smoke.  It may remove the look and smell, but the toxins from smoking just one cigarette is still there for at least 2 days.


Ways To Encourage Someone To Smoke Outside:

1)      One way to start the conversation is to say “I want to figure out a way to help everyone in our house stay healthier, will you help me?

2)      Or, “I care about you, but I’m worried that the cigarette smoke is hurting those of us who don’t smoke”


An important fact for you to know is:  For every four cigarettes a smoker smokes, a non smoker smokes one!  Not really a fair deal to the non-smoker huh?


The REAL COST of Smoking! 

Tell the class you are now going to show them the REAL COST of smoking.

Ask the class the following questions:

1)    Ok you are 12 years old and you have been smoking about 10 cigarettes (1/2 a pack) a day for a month.  Cigarettes cost about $6.00 a pack on an average now right, how much do you think you have spent in one year?

(Have them make guesses and then flip the poster board over to show $ 1,095.00.  If someone gets it right throw them a prize)


2)    Ok now you are 16 and you’ve increased your smoking to about 15 cigarettes a day, how much do you think you’ve spent in 4 years?

(After they guess, flip over the board to show – $6,022.00


3)    You are now 18 and you are now smoking one pack (20 cigarettes) a day, because you are heavily addicted by now (yea tobacco industry!), how much do you think you’ve spent in 6 years?

(after they guess, flip over the board to show – $10,402.00


4)    Now after 10 years, you are only 22 years old, guess how much money you have spent on your tobacco use alone?

(after they guess, flip over the board to show –  $19,162.00


Just imagine what you could have gotten with all of that money instead.

The tobacco industry has made a fortune out of you, and what do you have?  You have no money and poor health.  Remember if you never start, you never have to quit!



Marijuana Presentation


We are now going to talk to you about a drug that is illegal but sometimes people smoke it.

How many of you have heard or believe that smoking marijuana is safer than smoking cigarettes?

Well the truth behind that is:


We are now going to show you a video and keep in mind this video is about marijuana smoking.  We think by the end of the video you definitely will not think smoking marijuana is safer than smoking cigarettes.  They are both hazardous to your health and deadly!